Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Beard Review

Dudes with beards are completely rad. I'm an expert at rating beards and beard-spotting in general. Beards are never bad - only good,better,best. Beards are alternately friendly,fabulous and frightening.
So one of my favourite blogs of all time is run by Michael Buchino who describes his blog, Beard Review, thusly: "a web logbook committed to the review, commentary and discussion for the beard enthusiast".
It features all things 'beardly, including beard art and craft and fantastic insight into some stellar beards.
My favourite beard of all time is worn by superman, French rugby player/professional caveman, Sebastien Chabal. Buchino,in his usual fine form, provided these insights into the fantasy world that is Chabal's beard:

"Chabal is a zen Hindu cow wrapping his face in the awesome power of his very own beard.

Question: Can Chabal be stopped?
Answer in the form of a question: Can an unstoppable beardoceros be stopped?

This barbe magnifique is pure: deep color, full body, rigid geometric balance and simultaneously fierce and friendly.

While considerable color, great girth, ideal balance and other disciplines have enjoyed extensive achievement amongst the common man, the character of a beard both approachable and hostile is a versatile asset rarely accomplished. It commands respect and admiration." AMEN!!

As much as I adore beards, I am reticent in the extreme towards moustaches. Movember my arse. Mo's are like the weird younger brother of the beard (the beard being the elder brother who is a super high achiever and gifted at everything). No wonder the stereotypical sexual weirdo always has a mo. My PE teacher in highschool had one, and he was kicked out for being a sexual predator, so therefore, I rest my case. Seriously - unless you are Inspector Clouseau or Nick Cave, the only exceptions to my position on the mo, don't do it. Also - why stop at a mo when the party really gets started the further south you grow/go!!

The pics above are mostly from beard review, with some googled exceptions.
Michael Buchino - I SALUTE YOU!

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