Friday, March 5, 2010


Hellllooooooo out there.
I'm totally feelin' my darling doll Mel over at Suger Coat It for her efforts to find the bright dial on her day today. And Mel, if you are reading, it is Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) and it seems to affect Queenslanders VERY badly.
It's just really grey outside dollies. Kind of cozy (and the rain is awesome as we are constantly drought stricken in Australia) for the first few days, then it feels pervasive; like the grey is creeping under the door to murder you in your sleep.
Last night scored a whopping 0.5 out of 10 from me. 10 being the night where FANTASTIC never ends. Went to bed early as I had to be up at the crack of dawn (6am) to take Sis to the airport for yet another epic cycling adventure. I'm starting to get jealous of her bike, Tallula: "From the Gaelic name Tuilelaith, which was derived from Irish tuile "abundance" and flaith "princess" (I will include a pic later, she names all her gear... her other bike is called The Zephyr).
 Anyways, sleep seemed utterly overrated. I was getting calls and messages on my phone, none of which I wanted to hear or read so I tossed and turned in bed. I could have turned my phone off, but unfortunately it's also my alarm clock. Turned the light on, had some water, put some more moisturiser on bla bla bla then made the big mistake of picking up a book.
No biggy, right? Reading in bed is one of life's great pleasures for sure, only thing was, instead of picking up any number of Vogue's or photography books scattered all over my floor, I swiped Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov from my bookshelf. Don't try that at home kids. If you cant sleep prior to reading the tragic tale of Humbert Humbert and his fantasy love for his step-daughter, Lolita, chances are you will be wide awake afterwards.
Much painting of nails ensued, 2 cups of peppermint tea, some stretching and prayers, then finally the most wretched 'dozing' you can imagine.
Got Sis to the airport, came home and did a huge dance practice, ran Bearsy to the dog park and was getting ready inside when I heard yelping and carrying on from outside. Ran out to discover Bear frothing at the mouth in a murderous rage hunting some poor, unfortunate lizard under the bin. She had wriggled it out from the wall such was her blood thirst and after attempting to 'Zen' her out of it, I gave up and went back inside to dry my hair.
Why leave the lizard to death in the jaws of a rampaging Jack Russell you ask? Because last time I bloody tryed to stop her it ended in tears. I locked her inside and went to shift the bin and free the poor little creature, but it ran out and straight at me and I freaked and dropped the bin right on top of it!! I had been meaning to send it towards a long, happy life with a Lizard wife and Lizard kids and all I did was chop it in half! Luckily Dad was down and seemed far more perturbed at my angst over the inadvertant bloodshed then he did about cleaning up the mess and burying the poor little Lizard-friend. So, No. I wasnt going to risk a repeat performance.
Anyway, I made lunch with my darling Anna at West End. Hours later, friendship renewed and stomachs full of vegan deliciousness, I'm back home with my rogue of a mutt and endless possibilities for making my own sunny weekend with my loves.
Happy Friday!!


Me and my 'Murderous Fiend', Bearsy.

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