Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Erotica by Steven Klein

Hmmmmm. I always get a bit bummed when they use sex to sell the editorial via the title. I mean, is it not obvious what it's about? It's like they have to spell it out to us: "This editorial is about sex/ideas of sexual representation of women/fetish concepts, it will also be a visual homage of sorts to Helmut Newton, but we'll just call it EROTICA and sell it to you that way becuase you wont be able to comprehend anything else you dumb Vogue readers".
Dear Carine Roitfeld, I feel the title does the work an injustice. I also feel you need to consider what the work is actually about here; if you wish to blatantly tackle the issues of sexualisation of women in fashion photographs, perhaps an accompanying essay may help your reader draw their own conclusions on this most interesting of issues.
I would be honoured to help. I will also work for shoes.
Yours sincerley,

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh, I'm the same. I read the title and was intrigued, but then saw the shots and thought, hmmmmm. French Vogue - ladies, I expect more! Or less. These shots are kind of in some middle zone that makes me think - meh.

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