Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello from the Third World.

Hi everyone!
I've got about 2 seconds online before I have to jump on a tricycad (a tiny motorbike with a bit of a seat attatched to it) to tear off up to the little school with ice cream for the children.
This adventure has changed my life. I'm going to have to think pretty hard about how best to share it with you when I return to Australia. It's indescribable to feed people who are starving. To actually do something for them that has an immediate and resounding effect on their lives. The little children have stolen my heart, and I'm dreading saying goodbye to them. The reality is that some of them will not survive to adulthood, but the sisters have been magnificent in encouraging me to establish bonds with them, and to help us stay in close contact with them - probably a bit like sponsor children, but more like extended family... and I've been lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time meeting their familes and becoming very familiar with the huge difficulties of their day to day survival, and we have become extremely close. I've learnt that language is no barrier to the giving and receiving of love.
Best wishes to you all - we have the precious fridge we have bought arriving this afternoon... the salesman, Victor, has proposed marriage and I'm seriously considering accepting him in exchange for more whitegoods for the school.
Mabuhay (cheers)!! xo


Melissa {Suger} said...

Glad to hear you are safe and well and being loved up. I cannot wait to hear more of your adventures and to see that documentary you are making.

Or that YOU HAD BETTER BE making.
Love xxx

bobby said...

Great to have the update Ri - I'd been wondering how you were getting on!

An awesome adventure, advancing altruism and awareness (alliteration also ;) ). Always amazing all ways!

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