Thursday, January 5, 2012

A beautiful blog, for a new year

Hello all,
Happy 2012 to you all!
I want this year to be an especially beautiful one here.
I'd like to start it this way:
My blog has always been given the kindest of praise and many shout-outs from artists and other blog writers alike, and I would love to direct you all to a really wonderful blog Shoe Full Of Snot. This writer is, in my humble opinion, particularly gifted. Her posts are full of life, and most wonderfully, full of the writhing's and churning's of her heart and experience as contemporary woman who thinks about things and then writes with such honesty and clarity about her own struggles. Reading her posts feels wonderful to me...I can't recommend her highly enough.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to express my ongoing commitment to the creative world; the artists, doll-makers, makeup artists, designers, poets, writers, musicians, collectors, travellers, seekers, pray-ers, eccentrics...please contact me with your work. I'm endlessly searching for beauty and experience from other like-minded souls. Email me.
And be happy and well.


StrangeBird said...

Thank you so much Ri, a true honour coming from you.

Rianna said...

I really believe in you, and I love reading your writing x

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