Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sandra Freij for Lula #10.

I have so much to post for you! It's incredibly frustrating to be internet-less at home, and it's having an absurd impact on my studies as I'm rushing to uni whenever free to write and use the connection. It has cleared space for a quieter perception to surface - actually reading and looking at things in hard copy is very beautiful, you know. I sometimes wish I could make a little magazine of this blog so i could send you all a paper-copy; I swear it's different to see the images in print as opposed to seeing them solely on-screen. The colour is never the same, and the pixilation on-screen drives me bonkers. I'm trying to translate the beauty of the prints to you all and it really upsets me that you cant all have your own copy to cut up and put on your walls, hide under your pillows, cart around with you to make reality prettier etc etc...
What the hell was I jabbering on about? Right, yes, LULA!! LULA ISSUE 10!!! By the grace of God, my beautiful, much longed-for Lula mag fell into my hands this morning when I went out for a walk to the bookstore at uni (sunshine and fresh air is imperative to thesis writing, as are coffee and lollypops).
This issue has been much longed for and there has been significant animosity between myself and the immoral folk at the newsagent how usually get it for me. Suffice it to say, I was planning to pay an exorbitant amount for a copy on ebay, when I went into the newsagent on campus today and there it was just looking up at me. It was like I'd been LED THERE! AND - they charged me $10 for it. Any of you addicted to Lula will understand the phenomenon that is that price, let alone just happening upon a copy flagrantly left lying there for anyone to buy!! And I GOT IT!!!!
So.... tears of joy wiped away and lippy retouched (it's been a rough-as-guts week here in Doll World, just about anything will do at this stage folks) here are some pictures by Sandra Freij for a story which appeared in Lula #8 entitled "Be My Friend" (she has done the most fantastic shoot for #10, but i can't get the images online at the moment).


Melissa {Suger} said...

Well aren't you just a lucky, lucky girl. Must be someone's way of rewarding you for the trials of the past week. A little 'Hey Doll, hang in there'.

Rianna said...

It was you wasnt it m'love? I knew it!

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