Monday, November 16, 2009


This is it right here. This bag is my 'happy place'. Well, this bag, plus a super awesome secret place hidden in the cliffs at Sunshine Beach at Noosa, which I will never, ever reveal so don't even ask...
Back to the Chanel - my proper life will start once I get one of these little beauties. For the love of God, I've been dying for one for the past 20 years and I will have one before the next 12 months are out.
First one will be black ooooooooooooooobviously.
My mates are well aware of my plans to dominate the world with this bag swinging from my shoulder, and have long since subsubsided with their tedious comments about getting a fake one. "Fake one? Why don't I just steal one of your kidneys, replace it with a fake one and then take the loot straight to Chanel so I can get my REAL 2.55? How does that sound?"
A real Chanel 2.55 - coming to an arm like mine soon.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Haha.. I feel the same way about fakes.

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