Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NARS 15 X 15

Anyone familiar with this blog will be aware of my makeup obsession. To celebrate 15 years of FANTASTIQUE colour, Francois Nars has created a book of 15 celebrity portraits inspired by a Nars product name, and an iconic reference. Each was chosen by Francois, who devised the looks and took the portraits. The man in GIFTED!!
Favourites are the protraits of Daphne Guinness and Olivier Theyskens.
As for my beloved Nars products...
The 'Night Rider' eyeshadow (a wicked charcoal pigment packed densely with glitter shards) and the 'Super Orgasm' blush (will give any fair skinned poppet a certain glow in 2 seconds flat).


Melissa {Suger} said...

Is that Anne Hathaway in the blonde wig (first shot)? Love the bowler hat (not a great celeb spotter but I know I've seen her somewhere)

*sigh* I just love them all.

Rianna said...

The one in the blonde wig is Lisa Marie (she was engaged to Tim Burton for about 8 years before he hooked up with Helena Bonham Carter) and the one in the bowler is Jennifer Jason Leigh.
SO glad you like!! I think I shall go into makeup this year - in some creative capacity. xo

Karen said...

I thought it was Anne Hathaway too!

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