Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Adornment Experiment.

So, I was thinking, I'd like to get to know my readers better and have a little 'group art' piece on this blog. I've had a fascination bordering on extreme obsession with jewellery and adorments since I was tiny. My dear friend, Barb, who runs an exquisite vintage jewellery store in Eumundi was telling me that she has the same love for all things sparkly or wearable: its the stories and the personal histories that the rings and bracelets and pendants come with that she finds intriguing.
My naturopath told me once that jewellery often holds very strong emotional attachment for its owner and that vintage jewellery can sometimes have a negative effect on its new owner if some tragedy or sorrow or rage befell its previous owner - apparently the physical vibrations from our bodies go directly into whatever we are wearing at the time we have some kind of experience - joyfull or sad.
So - please send me a photo of you wearing your favourite adornment (this can be anything), or a photo of the piece itself, or a story of your favourite (these can be true or creative writing if you choose)... and I will collate them and do a big blog story. Naturally I will put links with each person's contribution (to your blog) or just your name if you are blogless, or you can remain anon if you choose.
Please post to email address
Let the games begin.


Melissa {Suger} said...

Aw, I commented to say I was in and it disappeared! SAD.

Anyway, am definately in. Will submit my favourite and only adornment that I wear on a regular basis my wedding ring combo and a little story about it asap.

When's the deadline, is there one?

Kakka said...

Will send you mine in the next couple of days - but truly choosing just one piece will be hard as I go through stages of love with my rings. Great idea.

Oana said...

I loooove your idea! I am in, too; will sent tomorrow mine; loove

Rianna said...

This is great ladies! I'm so excited! You can submit as many items/stories as thou wishest.

Rianna said...

Oh - and there's no 'due-by' date as such - maybe a few weeks or so. There are too many deadlines in our lives, this is just for fun and love. xo

frangipani designs said...

Hi! I have a love for lots of lovely things too...mostly the ones I make but there are a few others that I really love like my Mums vintage Chanel ring! YUM! Anyway...if you would like to see soem cool items check out my blog or my website

Claire x

Rianna said...

Going to your blog right now Claire. Thanks for your post! xo

Kellyansapansa said...

Ooh - I'm in, will try and get to it this weekend :o)

Kellyansapansa said...

Done ! I've sent you an email. Can't wait to see the end result.

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