Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dress of the Day 24.03.2010

Two cups of coffee, numerous posts complete, ipod charged and I'm ready to pound the pavements along the river on this glorious morning. But before I go, is anyone else feeling pissed off that Matthew Johns has been given his own TV show on Channel 7. WTF???
When is enough, enough? This is outrageous, he behaved like a filthy animal and we're just supposed to forget about it and laugh at his bogan jokes as if nothing happened?
Channel 7, you have failed women. Seriously. What kind of example does this set? That you can do these things and then get your own show? Give me a break.


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I don't know who Matthew Johns is, but after reading this, I hate him. A lot. Sorry he's being rewarded.

On a lighter note, the dress is gorgeous!

Rianna said...

We have a huge problem with a culture of group-sex within the football world in Australia. I cant abide rewarding Johns with publicity, money and a job in the public eye. One would think that out of respect for the victim, his wife and family, he would retire quietly and disappear completely, but apparently not. This serves only to perpetuate the myth that agressive sexual activity is normal and acceptable.
Sometimes I feel like the only thing women can trust is a beautiful dress.

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