Friday, August 6, 2010

Cedrine Rovini's mystical drawings.

I'm saving for a piece by Cedrine Rovini.


Maxabella said...

Disturbingly beautiful really.

bobby said...

^agree with Maxabella.

Love the belly forest.

Rianna said...

I've just recently discovered her work and I cant leave it alone. Like I said, I'm saving for a piece as she has an etsy store.


These are so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing...i always find such beauty on your page.

Cendrine said...

Thank you so much Rianna for your interest, I'm very touched to have my works featured in your beautiful and inspiring blog !!
Thank you Maxabella, drx, Nardiville... :)))

Rianna said...

CENDRINE ROVINI JUST COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!! This makes me the happiest individual in the world!

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