Friday, August 13, 2010


Dropped little sis off to go to the football. Its cold here tonight and she was wearing her boots, coat and pashmina. She jumped out of the car amid a volley of verbals that she promise to catch a cab home, or get a lift from her friends, or call and wake me up to come get her. I drove round the corner and stopped at the lights; warm inside with the heater on and Neko Case blaring through the speakers, and I watched her walk away, thinking: 'You are irreplaceable to me. If you were to be taken from me, I would live on for you. But your absence would forever be a thousand knives in my heart... because I love you so'. Sisters.


Dash said...

Just read your lovely comment over at mine, thought I would hop over and visit you, the feeling is mutual! You have a charming blog.

Rianna said...

Thankyou Dash! How sweet you are, as I dearly love your blog. xo

Kakka said...

I have always wanted a sister of my own. Luckily life has provided me with some non-blood sisters (friends) who have a big piece of my heart. xxx

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