Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Doll does Augie March at the Petrol Station.

To set the scene:
Rianna breaks hard to fill her tank at the petrol station... a dialogue ensues:

R: (Filling tank)
Random Guy: Hey!  Ummm.... Did you used to have blonde kinda hair?
R: (wtf).... mmmm yeah?
RG: Your name is Rhiannon, right? Like the Fleetwood Mack song?
R: Its 'Rianna'. Named after Fleetwood Mack, but, ummm, different. A bit different...long story, kinda...
RG: Yeah. You don't remember me but we met at Augie March at the Tiv early this year.
R: ??? Ummmm...
RG: It's cool - you, ummm, you asked me for smoke.
R: ......? (Freaking out cause he's so cute, but trying desperately to place the face....)
RG: Augie March?? Remember?? We looked at Glen smoking and tried to guess what they would sing...?
R: (remembering!!! beers, laughs and a mutual love of Augie March's back catalogue) - Oh My gosh!!! You were that guy!! You called me right??!!
RG: Yeah I did!! You never answered.... but, I left, ummmm, a message.
R: (dying)..... ummm, freaking damn it to hell - I must have made a terrible mistake!! I'm sorry. I really am. I may have accidently forgotten who you were and then thought you were a psycho calling me... ahem.. ahaha!...sorry mate. I really am.... you are very pretty in the face!
RG:  Haha! Yeah well, ....You're gorgeous. Do you have a number?
R: My number is ...... - you know... if you ever want to listen to Augie March with a real fan of their, ya know... music....???
RG: See you Rianna
R: Yeah, Bye................

R: Drives home considering what may have been/what may be... if he calls. That's gotta be an age-old question right? 'Is he going to call?'
Post Script: I tried to embed a youtube video here, but all postage has been disabled. What?? Commmooooonaugiemarch!!!!
Here is a link to one of my(our) faves: Cold Acre


Melissa {Suger} said...

* squealing!* {totally ruining the incognito reading of blogs at work BTW} Pretty in the face, huh. Cute dialogue.

Rianna said...

I was my usual suave and collected self... hopeless!!! xoxo

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