Monday, February 28, 2011

Irreverent Anna Wintour

I really love this! It's by Lisa Hanawalt. I think I appreciate it because I have a feeling Anna herself would get a kick out of it. I mean, following The September Issue, when everyone was on Team Grace and bagging Anna for being a hardened mag hag, I felt like the criticism was totally unjustified. Anna Wintour is a fashion/advertising/marketing/magazine genius... and if she was a man, no one would ever get up in her grill about her decision-making process. I could never get that at all - she's in charge of the most iconic magazine in the world folks; she is going to have to be the leader and make decisions. I've met male professors who were exactly 1,000,000 times more cut-throat than Anna appears in the film, and everyone tip toes around them asking their opinions on everything from art to how best to cook a pot roast :(
Plus, I really want to stand in front of a number of stores in the city, just wearing something outrageous and flipping the bird to all the indie freaks inside. Maybe I can find an Anna-esque wig to complete my homage.

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