Friday, February 4, 2011

Sore Paw

Hi!! I've had a rough few days. Wednesday night I spilt boiling oil all over my left hand and watched as the skin covering my index and middle fingers recoiled and rolled up to the nail beds, just like blinds being pulled up. It was ghastly and I think I was in a significant amount of shock as the ambulance men had to wrap me in a sheet and sort everything out for me - in all the pain I forgot I was only wearing knickers and a camisole. Not a great look when combined with no shoes and a skinless hand. They started giving me morphine in the ambulance but nothing helped at all so they gave me quite a bit more in the emergency ward.
I'm horrified to say that I was wailing away on the phone to the long-suffering Bobby when it all whacked me half unconscious, and I started talking nuts, and they had to put the sides up on the bed so I didn't fall off. Glamorous.
Morphine is just about the worst thing ever. How anyone could ever get into opiates is beyond me - that shit hit me like a train and then left me violently ill. I was admitted the next day after I became dehydrated and couldn't stop vomiting the drugs up... and they also thought I would need skin grafts on my hand.
Not a happy Doll, at all. But re-hydration helped and having it dressed with silver (heals the burn, apparently), and then Mum arriving down to tell me to be a trooper, helped me through. And my poor mates being so supportive and loving... it's pretty lonely when you're waiting to find out if you need surgery while people around you are missing hectic amounts of skin in the Burns ward.
It was an answer to prayers when the doctors saw it this morning and told me that I don't need surgery - just a lengthy healing. The only thing to worry about is infection, but I'm being really sensible and have cancelled all my exercise program for the immediate coming week. Small price to pay to keep my hand repairing.
So, that's my news. I'm really tired again now, so I will post some awesome things tomorrow, and we shall have no more talk of burns. xo


Dash said...

OMG, Rianna, that sounds awful, I wish your hand a speedy recovery, maybe we will have to get you a silver glove.

summer B* said...

Hope you get better:), sending you good luck xxx

Beautiful Day said...

That is terrible! I was burnt by some hot water out of an urn last year and that felt bad, let alone what happened to you! I totally empathise and, hey, it's your blog, post about your burns as much as you need to! Hoping the pain subsides soon. xx

Anonymous said...

I once fried chicken shirtless and will never do that again. Your description of the incident leaves me a bit faint, you are obviously made of tough stuff.
X David

Rianna said...

Thanks so much loves!! xoxoxoxo

Cindy Ellison said...

Oh my goodness, what a terrible thing to happen. It was good to read you received a good report from the doctor. I wish you a speedy recovery ♥

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