Tuesday, April 5, 2011

365 Grateful

I found myself in a rotten mood last Saturday. To be fair, I was very over-tired and struggling with a bout of the flu, but I was a little over-come with the urge to stomp my feet and throw things. New nail polish and a lovely dress plus a time-out at my fave watering hole (where I moodily sipped lemonade), did nothing to alter it. Then I took it out on someone else. Someone I care about, who didn't deserve to be blasted because I was being emotionally retarded.
Next day my sis arrived home with the QWeekend which Mum had told her to give me. I was on the phone at the time, and looked at the woman on the cover, wondering how/where I knew her. Then I realised it was Hailey, the talented daughter of my old friend Toni; the woman who originally piqued my interest in film-making.
Hailey started 365 Grateful in an attempt to re-engage with her life and beat a bout of depression, by finding something (one thing), for which to be grateful, on a daily basis. Together with Toni, she is now making a documentary about it, and the whole project has received a beautiful response from people... a huge array of whom are doing their own 365 Grateful projects.
Naturally I wanted to be a part of it too... mine is multi-media and I'm going to find some lovely, big books in which to chart my gratefulness. Starting with being grateful for receiving the reality-check on the weekend :)


StrangeBird said...

365 Grateful - what a great idea! We all need a little reality-check every now and then.

Rianna said...

I feel it's a great idea: Just Be Grateful... and watch life unfold. Hard; but so worth the effort.
I'm learning as I go. xo

Melissa {Suger} said...

I love this. I had heard whispers about it. Not the film project but the daily grateful concept. I love it. But I said that, didn't I!? Ha.

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