Thursday, August 4, 2011


I write cards. All the time. To those I love, to friends, to people I don't know that well. I always have's my little 'up-yours' to technology. I've only ever had extremely positive feedback to my pre-disposition to the postal service. Sweetheart writes me, and best friends also.
I wrote to the usual suspects this week; I always purchase lovely cards as, and when I find them...saving them for a rainy day, or posting them immediately if I find something I think someone would really like. This week, sweetheart, parents and grandparents received letters and pretty cards in the mail.
I was talking to Mum after she received hers, and she enquired as to why I felt I had been struggling a little of late. I said that things had been topsy turvy and that when I'd written to her, I was in tumult. She replied: 'Yes love...that's life.'
I love that people have a blueprint of my life, as it unfolds, on pretty, perfumed cards. A written word from the midst of my time on earth. And I treasure those that have been sent to me.


Kakka said...

It is lovely to receive real mail, and apart from birthday and Christmas cards most of my mail is now bills.

My mother is currently sending my little 3 year old grand-daughter a couple of pretty postcards a week. Immy just loves getting them in the mail.

How lovely that those you love get them from you xxx

StrangeBird said...

There will always be something very special about dedicating a moment or sentiment to ink - I love it too, and I wish more people did it in this instant electronic/SMS age. How lucky your friends, family and loved ones are! :)

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