Thursday, December 8, 2011


I've had a recurring dream for a while.
I'm on a beach, a very long beach. I'm walking toward cliffs at the end of the beach.
I need to get there to be 'safe'. I'm wearing a huge gown. It's Victorian; corseted and white. And the tide comes in and drenches the gown. I start running, but I'm weighed down with water. I have to keep going to get to the cliffs; the water is swarming around me and I'm sobbing trying to gather all my skirts and keep moving forward.
I usually wake up at this point. Sweaty and scared.
I relayed this dream, and it's possible psychosis, to my beloved Anna tonight.
And she said:
'Darling: you could take off the dress.'
Yes. I could. I could shed it all.
Sobbing; I let it go.


StrangeBird said...


AVY said...

Creepy, I've also had a dream about a dress like that, but I was stuck in the woods.

/ Avy

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