Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enough of this jibber jabber!

Right! I've made an executive decision that my distress must end now, regardless of whether it wants to or not. Bam!
Let's talk nails. I have a small obsession with fly gal nails. Gwen Stefani started it, Beyonce solidified it, and the total genius Sophy Robson has made them de rigour for the runway...she's also single-handedly responsible for me incessantly referring to just about everything as 'fly'.
I used to be a nail snob and went through dark periods of ripping off my acrylics and keeping my nails all indie and short and dark or natural. But my true self always wins out and I'll snap and bolt for a salon to have them re-applied. Can't help it. I like that they make one look uber glam (I keep mine long, oval and burgundy mostly), and I love it when I see someone wearing some freak nails with loads of glitter and little things stuck on. It's the 'kook factor' I think. Plus...Dolly Parton. Enough said.
Things I also love include the conversations that go down over the file machine:
Nail Technician: 'Why you no marry?'
Rianna: 'Dunno'
NT: 'You wanna get marry?'
R: 'Hell yeah!'
NT: 'You want sparkle gel?'
R: 'Yes pleeeeeeease!'

Images via HOT MESS.

Feeling better already :)

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Sarah said...

I feel the same way about nails! If I notice that someone doesn't have their nails painted, I get a first impression that they're a bit boring :P

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