Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fixed It.

Well,well,well. You certainly get a new perspective on life when you are locked outside for 2 hours at night in the unseasonal cold whilst your sibling goes off to dinner with her mates. Boooooo!
Any child of the late 80's,early 90's, worth their weight should recall the TV series MacGyver. Well I would have done him proud tonight, attempting to break locks with the (not so pointy) end of a paint brush. I sprayed the windows themselves with outbursts of fruity language and squeals, but to no effect.
During the week I happened upon the following website:
This website is hoot. As the name suggests, it features pictures of "fixed" devices. Brilliant! If anything appeals to the human 'idiot' gene, it would have to be 'fixing' or otherwise altering devices that have ceased doing what they where originally intended to do.
Dangerous, illegal and time-consuming; the last living brain cells of these superb individuals.

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