Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Killer Kit.

Given me heightened stress levels at the moment I seem to be requiring more than usual outlets for pent up creative energy and anxiety. So, amongst other things, I'm constructing one of these. If I get good at it, I might just do more and sell them. I've also made a number of headpieces and am constructing a leg-piece; which looks rad but requires a garter belt to keep the thing up, so I'm working on negating that, as garter belts don't go under all my dresses. I've found an awesome store for buying chains, but I really need a dummy so I don't have to keep putting the things on and adjusting them. Apparently they are expensive and I want one that you can alter to your own measurements, or whoever's measurements....
I'll post pictures when I get the camera back from Dad.
Have a grand day folks! xo

1 comment:

Kakka said...

You are such a creative lady. You possibly could pick a dummy up on ebay or at a 2nd hand store. Can't wait to see the rest of your work. Sometimes it is nice to put away the stress and just do something you love. Hope the thesis is done soon.

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