Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lust for Litter.

I've been a crazed Litter fan for a couple of years now, so it was with great awe that I discovered they are now doing Litter Man. Generally, I loath jewels on men.... mostly because I've never seen a gem-wearing man who, in my eyes, pulled the look off sufficiently. They always look try-hard/creepy/bogan (extreme generalization, I know, but, a doll's gotta speak the truth, right?) The exception, in my opinion, is Giancarlo Giametti, who wears a stack of bracelets with a nonchalant, piss-elegance that makes me weep.

THIS is different, and its actually with a sorrowful, little heart that I even speak of their greatness on this humble blog, as I've been keeping them as one of my most awesome secrets. Right up there with my extensive plans for world domination...

Isn't this gorgeous? It's so masculine, with inflections of Americana (Easy Rider etc etc), and I just adore them!!

I LOVE LITTERRRRRRRR!!!!! I also love men, but thats another post entirely.

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