Saturday, August 28, 2010

Muse for Saturday 28th August, 2010 - Cyd Charisse.

 Look at her!! She was so delicious. Apparently Fred Astaire once observed of her: 'That Cyd! Once you dance with her, you stay danced with!' Doll after my own heart.
This week has been an odd-assortment of demanding folk; I'm about to go for an epic run out around uni and back to get away from them all. Turning off my phone has never felt like such a subversive act before.
On an amusing note; I've been offered a significant amount of money to 'style' an older friend of mine and her friend as well. This amuses me no end, and when she asked me I was completely taken-aback. Basically because I really admire great style, but I've never considered that I have great style, or would be able to fake having great style. I tend to dress like a Vargas pin-up, Stevie Nicks and Susanna Hoffs circa The Bangles era, got chucked in the washer together. I seem to reach for anything in lace almost by default, and have an obsession with ankle socks, thigh-highs and head- dresses verging on demented. Whimsical and womanly - yes, but elegant or 'stylish' - no.
I'm definitely going to do it though. I think it will be fun to dress older women and it might just get me looking a bit more sophisticated in the process. We can only hope, right?


Melissa {Suger} said...

She is spectacular! As are you, my dear. OMG loving it and I'm not even inclined to dance, like ever. But I'd love to leave people 'danced with!'

Ps... We still on for this weekend? Fb or txt me.

bobby said...

how fortunate to be paid for something you enjoy!

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