Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gigs and an outfit conundrum.

So.... tonight we are going to Powderfinger at the Riverstage. For those of you unfamiliar with Aussie music, they are a band who are really quite good and they are doing their farewell concert which has kind of become bigger than Ben Hur due to them adding a million concerts to their initial tour, so they will actually be playing gigs for like the next 5 months which makes for a little incongruity with the whole concept of 'farewell' concerts when they actually are not going away at all but staying around forever...
So, anyway. Last weekend we went to Cat Empire at the Tivoli which was epic and awesome, and which caused far less outfit stress because the Tiv is a pretty small venue, its dark, and everyone just charges around doing whatever they want anyway so you can wear innappropriate heels or a hat or whatever without incident.
Tonight's show is outdoor. It's supposed to rain. It could be cold or maybe hot depending how much dancing we do/where we end up in the field, it's on grass too, we have to catch a boat and then walk to get there, and there will be fireworks too (literally, it's Riverfire tonight). Why do fireworks impact an outfit? They just do, that's why... I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes fireworks into consideration when they are choosing which bangles to wear, am I?
It's going to be epic and fantastic, but knowing the posse we will almost definitely round the night off by walking home and its about 9km to do so...
But instead of doing anything about organising something I've plonked myself on the computer and am eating cruskits with vegemite. I really should find some rain ponchos too, but I've no idea where they might be stashed so I will leave that to sis when she gets home. I'm google stalking Sarah Sophie Flicker as usual and just found Karen Elson's film clip for 'Truth is in the Dirt' which has convinced me that I will wear my Victorian mourning outfit and possibly a veil. And a rain poncho.

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Maxabella said...

You need a pair of those sexy flats that PPMJ has discovered, stat! x

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