Monday, September 6, 2010

Goran Tomcic's "A Shimmering Heart, Gold".

Against My Heart
I will take bricks
and place them on my heart
and press them really hard,
but the heart will not break.
I will put my heart in the washer
and wash it in hot water with bleach,
but the heart will not lose its color or dissolve.
I will abandon my heart on a railroad track
and let a freight train pass over it,
but the heart will endure.
I will climb with it to a high mountain peak
and throw it into a deep ravine,
but its knocking will echo.
I will tie my heart to driftwood
and swim away in the opposite direction,
but the heart will follow me anyway.
I will get explosives
and wrap them around my heart
and explode them into uncountable pieces,
but the heart, my stubborn heart, will amplify.
I will betray my heart by cutting
the veins that carry memories.

Goran Tomcic, A Shimmering Heart, Gold, 2009.
Installation: various designs of gold holographic films, one million heart-shaped sequins.
Dimensions: 400cm x 460 cm x400cm.


The Dolls Factory said...


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bobby said...

This spoke to me. I can almost hear music with it.

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