Monday, May 2, 2011

Love Hurts

Today was a rough ol' day. I've recently got a sweet little dance gig lined up, and today was a rehearsal. I was throwing myself into a line of cartwheels, and whilst I was upside down, I heard a loud 'click' and then felt an instant shot of pain shoot up into the base of my skull. I'd popped my neck out pretty badly.
I've done this so many times, I should really be numb to it by now. After so many years dancing, my body has it's own 'soft' spots; the parts that are always inclined to hurt more than others. My left leg, and left hip-flexor, are both far more flexible than my right side. You learn to compensate with as much 'game' as you can manage, but injuries never get easier, because it feels like your body has 'failed' to perform the task you set it.
Days like these; after I've had a little cry and re-heated the heat pack, I always watch videos of my #1 idol Ann Reinking. And I remember why dancing is my greatest happiness.



Nadine said...

It's good that you have Ann Reinking to pep you up........ you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself. What you put your body through for your passion is incredible and awe inspiring. Hope that you're feeling better. Love that photo...................... magic. :)

hope505 said...

O man...I forgot about All That Jazz...great film & awesome dancing! Fosse Fosse Fosse

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