Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proud Mary

I've never been a 'natural' singer. I've always struggled with my voice; and my ear. Even when I got the lead role in one of our productions while I was at the Conservatorium, I heard my first singing teacher's voice in my head saying "Well...You've got your face. And you can dance... so that might just cover it". Bluuugh.
I die every time I have to sing live. My heart quakes, and my stomach houses 500 butterflies.
But...this is a song I'm never shy about. I love it. I imagine Tina in front of me, and just let go and belt it as best I can. It's my fall-back, 'always happy to perform this' number. Cher would be a bonus, but I try to make up for her absence with as many sequins as possible.


hope505 said...

~ ^^ ~ ...I will do harmonies with you on this number...wheee!

Rianna said...

Oh. Hell. Yes :)

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