Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Memoria

This is the final part of the interview Alexander McQueen did with his beloved mother Joyce McQueen, who passed away about a week prior to her son.

JM: What is your most terrifying fear?

AM: Dying before you.

JM: Thank you, son. What makes you proud?

AM: You.

JM: Why?

AM: No, no, ask the next one: "What makes you furious?" You! [laughs]

JM: No, go on, what makes you proud?

AM: When things go right, when the collection goes right, when everyone else in the company's proud.

JM: What makes you furious?

AM: Bigotry.

JM: What makes your heart miss a beat?

AM: Love.

JM: Love for children? Love for adults? Love for animals?

AM: Falling in love.

Every suicide is tragic, but I've been feeling very wobbly since hearing of A McQueen yesterday.
I think it must be the realisation of the utter despair he was feeling, the complete 'aloneness', and so it is natural to feel devastated that another human being had tryed to deal with so profound a heart-break all on his own. Please, please that he has been re-united with his mother in peace now.

Phew. Going for a run to sweat it all out and clear my head. Posts of hope and inspiration to follow later today.

I see I have 8 little doll followers now! Welcome one and all to my blog - Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


Kellyansapansa said...

This is such a tragedy and a loss for the world in general and the fashion world in particular. I hope you're in peace now Alexander.

Kakka said...

What a shame that such a talented man chose to end his life. I hope he is now at peace with his Mum - but wish that he had chosen to remain with us on the mortal coil. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs from Perth xxx

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