Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tattooed Man #3

Welcome to the new and vastly improved Last Doll Standing. Isnt it lovely? It was done for me by my great mate, the computer multilingual Melissa at    See what I did there? That's right dolls, its called a link! FAAAAAAAAR out. I wasnt as stupid as all that, I actually didnt have a link button at all and Mel had to get me one. So, lets celebrate with my most favourite man in the entire world: Sebastien Chabal.
I'm a Chabalist. I believe we are somewhat of a minority group, known for our fanatical mysticism and red-blooded devotion to the wrecking ball that is M. Chabal. I wish he'd wreck me!
Football, pfft, whatever - snoring. Even when I was cheerleading for the Broncos (thats a bunch of local Rugby League yobbo's for my readers only acquanted with the more sophisticated style of Rugby Union), they would have to wake me up everytime someone scored so I could wave my pompoms, cartwheel, jump into the splits then fall asleep again.
Anyhow - I have become very well-versed in Chabal's impressive repertoire of 'hits' (technical term). Some of my fave Youtube clips are of his hits on two Kiwi players: he knocked one guy down so hard he couldnt stand up again, and he broke another dude's jaw by dropping his shoulder into him!! Sacre bleu!
Oh - he also has a tat.
Happy Sunday!


Kellyansapansa said...

I love your blog design - Melissa has done an awesome job!

Rianna said...

Thankyou! She's such a sweetie to encourage me. Thankyou for following! xo

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