Monday, April 19, 2010

Chabal Bear.

My Chabal obsession knows no bounds. I had to physically harass and intimidate Mel to watch this when I put it on Facebook (her reticence with Chabal is perplexing and upsetting to say the least) but she did agree that it was AWESOME and we tried to find a Chabal Bear for purchase - but they dont exist in real life. Someone should do something about that because it would make women the world over VERY happy indeed.


the little mummy that could said...

He is rather appealling isn't he?
I just want him to pick me up and move me to the kithen, then pick me up and put me in the car, and just carry me not say much, and not wear a shirt.
Also, check out my blog i have new and regular posts again!

Lindsay Warren said...

Hi Fellow Chabal follower - Check out, the man says that Chabal Bear will hopefully be availble from the end of April!

My husband too can't see the attraction yet he is tall, has long dark hair and a beard (but is 100% English and that may be it - unsettled by my fascination of the French rugby star)

Hope you get your Bear - I'm definately going to get at least one for me.

Anonymous said...

did they ever really make the chabal bear?

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