Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dior Joaillerie

Dior has appointed the so-damn-chic Camille Miceli (ex head of jewellery at Vuitton) as head of fine and costume jewels at their joint. YUUUUUM. I remember seeing an editorial of Miceli years and years ago - before the days of style blogs, and she was dissecting her style - so cool, honestly. There's just something about French women that the rest of us miss out on; that undefinable 'je ne sais quoi' (and that could be totally missssssspelt) but I propose that the source of their 'chicness' is the very same source that allows them to be perpetually slim, whilst indulging daily in the food/liquor that renders the rest of the Western world fat and unhappy.
I come from hearty Irish/Scottish/Kiwi stock - and for some freaking reason, potatoes killl my thighs. I can run and climb and do my '100' in numerous positions daily, but if I so much as look at a potato or bread or have wine, I'm done for.
I guess the best thing is that, after 10+ years of beating myself up and starving myself and being really ill and demented about my body, I've got to the point where I really relish my curves. I wear them well. And yet, I get such a hit from running and training and working out till I fall in a sweaty heap. It's exhilarating to me - the rush of endorphins and the feeling of power I get from bending and being able to do the splits and stretch in the crazy maneuvers I've invented.
How does one get the position as head of fine Joaillerie/costume jewels for a high fashion label? Give me 5 years, yeah?.... seriously. I'm putting it in writing and more so, 'blogging', that I will have that job in 5 years or throw myself under a bus. Hold me to it, please.


Melissa {Suger} said...

An awesome declaration. They would be lucky to have you. See ya in 5 years!

Kakka said...

Hi there Rianna - I have left something for you here

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