Friday, April 30, 2010


Well, It's Friday. This week has been topsy-turvy and all over the place and awkward and weird at times - like when you're learning something new and for a while it feels really difficult to get it right.
We had a technical snafu at home this morning and as a result, my phone and internet connection have been disconnected. I've no idea when they are going to be reconnected. I'm at uni today, and will apparently have to work from here for as much of the weekend as possible now.
Not such a big deal, right? More like a little annoying prickle in your foot... It didn't prevent me from feeling quite surprised that someone other than me had done something really freaking stupid, and that surprise actually made me feel justified in a way that the whole situation would never have done, had it not involved my immediate family.
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones though, and it wasn't long before another member of this dysfunctional crew reminded me that 9 times out of 10, it's me that stuffs things up.
Gosh dammit, families are just plain weird!!! Given that everyone's reality is completely subjective, how was it ever a good idea to lump people together in a group FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES?? And the fact that I come from a family whose closeness drives us each to distraction at times, just makes the process of un-meshing myself all the more complex. Our love for each other is absolute, yet we have the uncanny ability to really, really hurt eachother at times.
I was discussing this topic with a friend yesterday and she told me emphatically that all the most seminal studies have concluded that 95% of families are dysfunctional. 95%!! So why do I always feel like mine is the only one??
One thing I know about my family and our situation is this: it is possible to love completely, without complete understanding. And it takes work to keep a family together. It takes commitment to a cause that you often don't really believe in, that is often not one of your own choosing. It takes an abundance of forgiveness, and a sense of humour. A short memory is rare, but undeniably priceless if you do happen to have one. And apparently, my family and I are also the fittest freaks around, because we can run to the aid and protection of our clan if anything threatens one of our members. Unfortunately, most of the threats are from within.
Still. I wouldn't swap them. Even though I could quite happily whack a few of them with a saucepan.

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Melissa {Suger} said...

Yep. That about sums it up. Families. Love em.

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