Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vali Myers 1930-2003

Always and increasingly drawn to women who live and did live authentically their own lives. I find them fascinating, courageous and inspiring.


Anna Maria said...

She was an incredible woman!

I spent many years assisting a milliner whose studio was just down the hall from Vali's in the Nicholas Building. Even as an older lady you'd catch her leaping across that studio like a bird in flight... the true spirit of a dancer. She never seemed to give in, even as she aged, and during her cancer she still kept those locks henna red.

She was always made me feel quite shy, she was so empowered and larger than life. I wish I'd been a bit older, less timid, more sure of myself and said more than just hello, how are you Vali...

Your blog is great. I'm sure she would love to see that spirit living on here. x

Rianna said...

Dear Anna Maria,
I'm completely amazed by your comment. How lovely of you! I so appreciate hearing your account of her.
I'm crazy about women who make their own path in the world; live authentically their own lives.
Your comment means the world to me. I wish I could have seen Vali/or met her briefly. The woman in full flight. So brave!

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