Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just had a terrific idea!

Was just reading my friend's post about Malcolm McLaren's passing and thinking about how the visionaries amongst us are dropping like flies this year passing away a lot and its only April!
So I had this invention: a "Visionary Protection Agency"!!!
What it would be is a specialised, highly trained squadron of carers. A world-wide network (kind of like the CIA) of compassionate, caring and skilled individuals who will provide as much care as is needed to support the visionaries of the world.
No funny business! It would involve looking after them if they got the flu, cleaning their houses, doing the groceries, organising a psychologist as and when necessary, drying their tears, general proof-reading of concepts, handing them paints/instruments/cameras whatever they need to make their 'visions' etc etc...
Not groupies, as the carers would expect nothing in return except for a healthy, functioning visionary! It would be like Meals On Wheels and each visionary would have a group of carers so the responsibility was shared.
What do you think?


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Good thinking 99! Daniel Johns used to live just around the corner from me, and his parents still do - so I'll bags him. Surely he'll return home and yet still need a nurse. No funny business {um, well not much...}

Rianna said...

Oh my gosh!!! How have you not mentioned this sooner?? I thought you were tremendous but this, THIS has taken my feelings for you to a WHOLE new level. xo

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

One day I actually accidentally 'stalked' him and Natalie Imbruglia when they were out for a walk and I kept taking the same route (a few steps ahead, so in reality - he was stalking me!)

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