Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alexis Mabille Fall Couture, 2010.

Things I reward myself with:
1. A new dress.
2. A new bag/ new music.
3. Jewellery (can cost a little or a lot, as long as it sparkles, it's a treat.)
4. Talking to Anna on the phone.
5. Going very quietly to the galleries, and leaving my phone at home.
6. Going to my secret spot on the cliffs at Sunshine Beach at Noosa.
7. Reading aloud with Bear.
8. A bath (these have become an almost daily treat which I've allowed myself for being such a thoroughly well-behaved person.....)
9. Making a little 'pilgrimage' somewhere no one knows about: just me, prayer books, journal and pencil.
10. Shimmying into a leotard and tights, going downstairs, turning on my No Doubt Rock Steady DVD REALLY LOUD and working out till I cant work out no more. Best Ever.
11. Also - ice cream, with Sis.
12. Dreaming about the day I will call old mate Alexis and ask him to whiz something up for me. Day dreams - free, fantastic and addictive.
What are your rewards dear readers??

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