Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nagi Noda Hair Hats.

We have a running commentary in the house about 'hair hats'. Mostly because we are cheap shouts and laugh whores and find most things incredibly amusing. To the extent that if we meet someone whom we find to be amusing, we try to think up ways to get them to come over and entertain us, or just to hang around with them in general...
Me: What about that dude who said that thing about the hair hat that time? He was a riot!
Sis: (hysterical gaffaws)... Yeah... that was funny.
Me: Maybe we should bake him a cake or something.
Sis: (considers)... Yeah but we need more sugar.
Me: Ok - well I'll give you money and you go to Quickie Mart.
Me: Ok, ok!! Geez. I'll go then. You give me money.
Sis: Ok. Well while you're there could you get (hands over list long as arm)
Sis: Oh hey... did you see that hilarious thing I sent you?
Me: In the mail?
Sis: Email!! Geez!!
Me: You know I dont like checking them.
Sis: Ok, well, here, hang on, I'll show you now....
(Time passes as we both watch countless funny vids on youtube and then do the 'hairhat' jokes we know and then amble to Quickie Mart only to come home and decide we cant be bothered to combine ingrediants (her), or line the tin (me)... so we look at more funny things on youtube and roll around laughing instead.)

So, naturally, these "most amazing things in the entire world" had us silently stunned, contemplating with awe.

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