Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is gold.

This link is hilarious, and so close to home I think I was actually blushing and looking over my shoulder whilst reading it to see if someone was behind me nodding their head and mouthing "that's YOU Rianna! YOU do that!!"
Being an adult, having responsibilities, losing ones mind at the Quickie-Mart because you have to cook dinner for friends and the pressure to do so, brilliantly (when you've spent years eating salad for dinner EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE ITS EASY TO MAKE), has you pacing the aisles and asking the dude at the deli if he has something you can 'bake', WHICH YOU THEN BURN, GOING TO THE BANK, INVESTING, GOING TO WORK, WRITING A THESIS.....bla bla bla - just follow the link.


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