Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, 23 July, 2010.

Time for a collage! Speaking of which, yesterday was the oddest day.... had to be at uni at 8.30am for my last meeting with my supervisor, and, I'm loath to confess, was wearing a pretty odd looking assortment of items. Black leggings, my 'Eat Me: I'm Organic' t-shirt, hoodie, 2 scarves, my boxing boots and I had a sleepless night only to go into a serious coma at about 6.00am until the alarm went at 6.45, so I also had this afro thing happening. Why the rundown of such an un-glamorous get-up? That would be because every hot dude in the world was at uni yesterday morning. Seriously. It's like there was a conference for them or something. UNBELIEVABLE. My jaw was on the floor; I felt like an ironically dressed chipmunk in a candy store. I actually ran smack bang into one of them coming out of the lift and I'm not sure who was more stunned: me at being legitimately in the arms of Adonis, or him at realising he was clutching a marsupial with a fro.
So, as I was saying, time for a collage!

Thankyou Chris! Have a great day all. xo


Maxabella said...

Oh how well I remember the pressure to look good every single day 'cos you knew who you might meet along the way!?!? Those days are gone, but you've just made me realise that a little bit of concern about my appearance might be appreciated by those I meet each day. Thanks for the reminder! Oh, and great collage!!!

Nadine said...

Love it!lol!

Melissa {Suger} said...

Ha! Lucky Adonis. You, I'm sure, make the cutest chipmunk ever!

The ladies are right... GREAT collage..!

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