Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Award and Seven Small Stories from the Doll House.

This blog has been given an award. My blogging friend, Thea, from Do I Really Wanna Blog, was so kind as to bestow this award upon me.
I doubt she would ever have realised what a weird place this thing has sent me into.
See, thing is, I dont really know why I am blogging at all; besides having a virtual thumb-print of my aesthetic devotions to point to. I mean, I could keep a freaking journal (I actually do... for research purposes only), or talk to my mates (ummmm yes, yes and yeeeeeeesssssss), or I could make incredibly complex pieces of jewellery which I then 'pilot-wear' around the house and discover that I have failed to file the metal barbs off said piece of jewellery, and spokes are now poking into my flesh and my body is left looking like I've self flagellated or something.... Or if I was as incredibly giftted as this girl right here, I would do a most awesome and hysterical drawing and post it, to summarise how I feel about my blog, and why I write here.

So, having thanked Thea, I am now supposed to pass this award onto 15 other blogs. This has left me a little flummuxed.... so, umm, maybe I can give it to these people:

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Phew! So here is the second part of the deal - 7 small 'truths'.

1. I'm scared of nothing, living or dead, this life or the next, EXCEPT rodents and birds. These f=ckers scare the shit out of me... Let me explain: One time, there was a mouse in our house. We all heard the 'creepings' and the 'scurraliiings' of its little body, up and down our walls at night. We sought help: "Put a bait in the wall, You Bunch Of Weirdos!!!" So we did. We pulled the fridge out, and put 'really-bad-poison-stuff' into the wall. And then we waited. A few days later, we came downstairs and 'smelt a peculiar smell'. Sis left for work, and Bro and I were left with strict instructions to 'FIX THE SITUATION'. We looked under the fridge and saw..... a tail!!!!!!!!! At this point, it would be wise for me to say that Bro and I have weak stomachs. Bro peered under the fridge and saw the freaking 'rodent-invader-of-death', and immediately started heaving into the kitchen sink... SO BEING THE MAN... I told him that if he failed here, all was lost. We gathered our wits, got on our knees and looked at the bloody rodent tail.... we drew breath....he pulled his gloves up.... and YANKED THE TAIL...whahhwhwhwhwhwhALIUYDSIFWFJBWHJajASJQJB... AND PULLED OUT A DEAD RAT......!!!!!
Bro threw up in the kitchen sink, and I ran screaming out the front door and threw up in the hedges.

2. I learnt to read with my Mum. No little childrens books here - we read VOGUE. We also read little picture books, but they made no impact on me so much as the times spent with Mum, curled up in the 'big bed' pouring over Vogue. Pictures/art/fashion/fashion/pictures/art - it all collided into a magical, beautiful, never-ending voyage of couture. I have a photograph beside my bed of me at age 3, with a Vogue magazine; curled up in Mum and Dad's bed. I wish I was there still, earnestly discussing the merits of Valentino over YSL couture with my Mama.

3. I've survived anorexia and bulimia. I lost years, years of my young life. Hospitals. Hospitals. Possible death. One time, death was so close, I begged my Lord to let me stay. And He did. But not before I'd done some serious thinking. One of the nurses who looked after me said a most amazing thing, which I will carry with me always. She spent nights nursing me when I was terribly ill, and I remember asking her "how do you fix this?" And she said "You have to love. You have to love it, very, very hard." And I will never forget that.

4. I'm for animals (with the exception of my first point). I love animals SO much, that I spent years 'pretending' that I was cool with horse-riding lessons, regardless of the fact that every Monday until I was 14, I returned from horse-riding lessons, just shy of breaking out in hives. I would be sneezing my head off, with eyes itching like a derilict, trying to pretend that I 'got' horses. What I ended up getting was so badly thrown off that everyone interceded and realised that if this crazy kid keeps getting chucked off (numerous times a week) she may break something and NEVER BE ABLE TO DANCE AGAIN!!!

5. Hello. I'm a dancer. Nice to meet you. Did I mention that I spent 20+ years at a ballet barre? No? Well, I did. You name it; I can do it: splits (3 ways), cartwheels, pirouettes, kicks-up-to-my-flipping-ears! Part of my creative life now is about constructing a one-woman show, based on fan-kicks, feathered fans, jokes, and cabaret songs. And I get paid for it! How awesome! There've been good gigs and some really absolutely diabolical gigs, but thats just the way it goes. I tried to stop dancing once and be a 'normal' person with 'normal', regular work. It ended badly with me screaming off down the highway to audition, so now I just do what takes my fancy, and that seems to be doing my own show.

6.  I'm desperately allergic to peanuts and shell-fish. Like, if I touch prawns my hands get all itchy and if I smell peanuts my head explodes. True story. I was a vegan for years, and am now mostly vegetarian, but I do love fish.

7. I'm really quite a bad driver. I was once wheeling round town with a date and he said "Wow! Maybe you'd be safer in all this traffic if you were on a horse." And I was like, "Ummmmm....yeah, maybe."

THE END. That wasnt so hard after all.

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Wow, that does go a little way to explaining the utterly amazing person that you are. I love that your mother read from Vogue - that's exquisite. And that nurse? Wrap her up in gold leaf and sparkles and present her to every patient in need. How wonderful that you experienced such an enlightened soul when you needed it so.

Thank you.

Nadine said...

....and to think I decided to follow your blog just for the pretty pictures (and they are always great pics!). lol! What an interesting and very cool person you are and how honest! I'm pretty secretive about myself because I am 'so over' being judged. Hmm... let's see if this post can inspire me to relax and be myself and see who still loves me. Ha, ha... Well, if anything, I won't be seen as boring. lol!:)

The Dolls Factory said...

WOW I run in to this blog searching fro chanel 2.55 pictures in google...Lovely blog..I'm following
Follow me back at
Keep it up

Rianna said...

Thankyou very much loves! How sweet you all are.

Maxabella said...

... ... ... I'm speechless... ... not really (as if that would ever happen!) But this is such an amazing post and you're just so, DELICIOUS. Thanks for the blog love and thanks, as always, for your gorgeous, gorgeous photography.

Maxabella said...

PS - I'm with you on the rodents. Ugh.

Melissa {Suger} said...

You are a natural. Great post!

Kate said...

Thanks for the award, I usually forget to do them I must admit..! But I appreciate it none the less! You sounds like an amazing dancer. And what wonderful pictures. xx

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