Monday, January 31, 2011

An award and some men...two of my favourite things.

The little sweety at SummerBaby has given this blog an award. You should all go there and check her out, because she's a gem and has a very gifted eye for photography and fashion icons. Do it NOW!!
So, I have to present my top 5 gorgeous men in film or TV. Having spent a great majority of my life lusting after men, I was able to compile this list in 0.0002 seconds. I only wish I could include, ummm, about 100 dudes.
Here we go.

Number 5:

Do not come between me and the Bourne trilogy. I can, and will watch the whole thing without a break. I can and will spend the rest of the day practising my karate and fantasising about Jason Bourne clobbering people, breaking arms, breaking codes, breaking through walls, breaking the FBI, breaking rules and generally being bloody manly.

Number 4.

Clint Eastwood in any of his spaghetti westerns. Doesn't say much, but a real man doesn't have to. He's quick on the draw, squints a lot and chain smokes. "Blondie! You son of a bitch!!!" What's not to love?

Number 3:

Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums. A beard and facial expressions which kill me every time.
"He had decided birds should not be kept in cages, fed Mordecai three sardines, and set him free."

Number 2:

Johnny Depp in Chocolat. Specifically for when he says: "I'll come 'round sometime... and get that squeak outta your door." Just... Just Stop. I think I've watched that line about 500 times.

Number 1:

Edgar Ramirez in Domino. I initially saw this film with my boyfriend at the time... and made one too many appreciative squeaks at the EPIC and GOB SMACKING FINENESS that is this dude, which resulted in bf sulking and me pausing and rewinding and rolling around on the floor in fits of sighs at how hot he is, for approximately 4 hours. There's one scene where 'Choco' mistakenly blows off the arm of one of their hostages. Before he does it, he takes a swig of coffee, blinks his eyes hard, shakes his hair out of his ponytail and then walks over and blows the guys arm half out the window. It's the 'shaking the hair out of ponytail' thing that emphatically does it for me.

The End.

I pass it on to Mara at Daughter of the Soho Riots.


summer B* said...

Thanks honey :)!!!
Clint Eastwood! O my god I loooove him! great top5 xxx


So funny i just came onto your blog to see this post...
I'm watching Graham Norton and Vince Vaughn has been annouced as a guest...a count of 5seconds.. snide remarks from the boy begin.
How funny is sulkiness!
I can't even remember saying anything about Vince Vaughn...ever lol

Good picks.


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