Friday, January 28, 2011

Elie Saab and Givenchy, Spring Couture 2011.

Elie Saab had 41 gowns in his Spring Couture collection. The above is just a selection; all of them via I find the collection unbelievably beautiful, and I do love it when a designer works all the way through an idea. However, I had to double check I hadn't posted a picture of the same dress twice - I feel that the collection may have made a stronger statement of glamour, beauty and the inherent grandeur and unattainabilty of couture, had the collection been edited. I think that's one of the reasons that Riccardo Tisci's couture collections for Givenchy have such an impact.

The above is an edit of the 10 Givenchy gowns for Spring Couture 2011. Considering the relevance (or lack there-of) of the continuation of couture in contemporary fashion is one of the themes I'm proposing for my PHD, so I'd be grateful to hear any of your thoughts.



Elie Saab always makes such beautiful gowns.
I really love those 2 with the floral print.

Melissa {Suger} said...

I have no thoughtful words to add to your decision PHD'wise.

I came to check out the talk of the town {which i knew you would have}. And I can see why it is. That Elie Saab collection is stunning. I can see what you mean about the similarities of some gowns. But that veil. Oh my, the veil.

Jenn said...

The Elie Saab collection makes me want to dress up and be the princess at the ball - I especially love the red and monochrome collections. But I feel as you did that after a while I couldn't remember if I'd seen the neutral dresses before or not. Very pretty, mass appeal, beautifully made, sure to be seen on the Oscars red carpet and copied by good department stores in time for prom... but (and there is always a but after something so longwinded) I'm not sure I will remember the statement in years to come.

The Givenchy collection though when I saw it on Fashion Gone Rogue, had me carefully looking at the detail on every dress. I loved the model, I loved the photography, I loved the angles. It won't be as copied, it will find less favour amongst the prom market, though echoes may filter down. And eventually there will be subtle touches that won't look like a knockoff gown, but there will be relevance nonetheless.

Kakka said...

There was a sameness to the Elie Saab collection, but what a beautiful sameness, no one could feel bad wearing one of those gowns - the red knocked my socks off. Not such a big fan of the Givenchy collection, only because I couldn't see most people wearing it, but then again isn't that what haute couture is about?

Rianna said...

Thankyou all, for your comments; Couture poses so many questions, and I love your comments!

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