Monday, January 24, 2011

The NEW Adornment Experiment.

So, I have a proposition for you all: I want to do another Adornment Experiment. But this time, I want to actually make a short documentary film about it.
I'm putting the call out for all my readers/viewers who may like to be involved: I want photos of your special adornments (they can be anything at all: anything that you wear consistently, or on occasion), and a short, or long story for how you came about said adornment. The stories can be fictitious; if you've bought some accessory that you really love; you can submit that, and tell any story you like, as long as it pertains to that actual adornment.
As I'm making a film; I need all those who submit to specify if they would be happy to be interviewed on film about their adornments - regardless of whether you live in Australia or not - as I have the means to travel to meet with you and film you wherever you are. All those who are happy to submit photographs and/or be interviewed online, are MOST WELCOME.
As this is an art project I want to share my abstract with you:

"A project that considers the importance and necessity of the jewellery we wear on a daily/or otherwise basis. A considered approach to the sentimental significance we place on pieces of jewellery/bodily adornment, and the emotional attachment we have to these specific pieces of adornment."
Please email me at:     for details.

Welcome one and all!

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Melissa {Suger} said...

Ooooooo. Exciting. Will put out the call on Suger Coat It!

Are you still using the button below? I think it links to this tag. Just double check that for me would you. Cause I'll link using that.

Big love.

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