Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Doll Tries to Survive a Flood.

- She talks on the phone, continuously; to people that are not near, and who dont understand that she's about to float.
- She speaks to a friend - for the first time; and wonders what he must think of her: talking from inside her watery grave. His voice echoes in her ears.
- She goes, always, to sit on the road with her neighbours; to sip warm beer and laugh, and agree heartily that 'it wont touch us!', while it touches, and takes, from all others around her.
- 'Someone' says, 'Why don't you come back to mine?', and she declines and goes back to lock the doors, and put Leonard Cohen on the record player, and pack a bag; and cry for all the stuff she has that can't save her, while she organises candles and charges her phone.
- It's not a game anymore; the water keeps rising.
- And Leonard says: "you think maybe you'll trust him, for he's touched your perfect body with his mind". But it maybe too late; for 'Susan' and for her.
- And it's a lonely watch; from the top floor; from the highest point; from the farthest that she can get from the water.
- And only Leonard sings out, from below, as the water rises.

Brisbane Floods.


Kakka said...

Stay safe my love, try and keep smiling, wish there was more that I could do, but sending positive thoughts your way that you stay safe and dry. Hugs from Perth xxx

bobby said...

A thought to distract, if not to occupy, or meditate to sleep:
when you next have the chance to face the clear sky, hold out your tongue; a taste unique and strangely familiar, or familiarly strange,
when the sun pours down like honey once again.

Dash said...

Here in Europe we are seeing this disaster unfold on all the news reports, hope you are safe.
Lots of L&Ks

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