Sunday, January 2, 2011


Once in a blue moon I'm completely unable to resist the temptation to watch a really scary movie. Like, a really, really scary one; one with nasty ghosts in it. I was talking about the macabre with my friend James recently and he confessed that he also got a sick kick out of scaring the hell out of himself with a movie. We both suffer for it afterwards when we are too scared to go upstairs/downstairs or turn the lights off, and every noise is heightened and almost certainly a monster ghost come to get you. Mum also used to tell me that she had eyes in the back of her head - that didn't help my creepy fascination at all. She used to stand with her back to me, but in front of the oven so she could see me reflected in the glass, and would then proceed to tell me exactly what I was doing. Scared the bananas out of me.


Melissa {Suger} said...

I can't do it anymore. When I scare myself silly I get annoyed at myself. I swear and carry on about what a loser I am...

That said, I do love a good psychological thriller.

Rianna said...

It's the little girl in me who seems to get off on a few chills up the spine!! love a psychological thriller too! It's stupid of me to watch these kind of movies though, as I always have huge issues seperating the 'real' world from the 'film' world... I take it literally and get involved and then I'm stuffed.

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