Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Makeup Review

These are my newest little friends to have joined the over-flowing kit: Nars duos in Sugarland (top) and Eurydice. Nars are probably my favourite eyeshadows, as I think the colours are incomparable. They are pigments though, so they do require some practice and a 'less-is-more' approach to begin with. I highly recommend a gradual build-up of colour with these; if you apply too heavily to begin with there's nothing for it but to start over, as pigments are naturally so much heavier than powders.
The picture of Eurydice doesn't do the product any justice (best I could find, I'm sorry), as the purple is actually a hyper rich, almost holographic shade, and the grey is deep but without the shimmer of the purple; so they balance eachother beautifully. The beauty of using pigments is that you can come up with a multitude of shades by combining the colours together - darker, lighter, more shimmery; whatever!
Another product I've rediscovered is Napoleon's Camera Finish powder. I really recommend this product for those of you wanting to play with a powder finish, but also looking for coverage at the same time. You can apply over your normal foundation (for an old-school, pin-up finish), or use it solo; building it up for a dewy complexion - this looks lovely on really young skin, and older faces as well, as some women prefer a lighter base.
I love the Mecca polishes as I find them long-wearing and virtually chip-proof: plus, they do gorgeous colours that somehow always look more lady-like than the norm. At $22 each, they are an affordable makeup pick me-up for those wanting a little refined decadence on their fingers!

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