Thursday, January 20, 2011


"It is quite something to see a grande collection explode backstage. The model girls, stripped to pants and brassieres, always put on hats first: incredible hats. Marie-Thérèse, one of our great stars, chews gum monotonously. Eight girls step into fabulous dresses. Eight girls fight to get into a gap in the show line. They swear. They pull in their waists. They brush their hair for the evening dresses. They cry. The dressers scream at them. The chef de cabine screams loudest of them all.

The girls dress at fever speed. The professionals among them seem calm. This means nothing. Underneath they erupt like volcanoes. From snapping and behaving like fishwives they draw themselves up to become public idols and slide through the curtains..."

Via my new favourite blog Sighs and Whispers.

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Melissa {Suger} said...

Beautiful. And so candid.

And just quietly how TINY are some of those waistlines. Made me take a deep breath and hold it just thinking about all that corset tightness.

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