Friday, January 14, 2011

The Doll Cleans-up After a Flood.

Hi! I'm alive! So are all my neighbours! We've now gone three days and three nights without power. It's seriously hampering the clean-up effort. Today was the first day I could drive to another suburb and get supplies/charge appliances. Most of the people in my street and the streets around me have lost almost everything, but despite extreme warnings and predictions, the water did not reach my house.
The damage is hard to believe. I think everyone in Brisbane is getting around in a state of disbelief and shock; it's a bit hard to know where to start cleaning first - and apparently the mud and sludge is really quite poisonous as well, so extreme care has to be taken when attacking it... We will hopefully return to our scheduled programming here when I get power back, and when we can fix up what's left of the suburb.
Thankyou to all my sweet ones for their incessant contact while we've all been seperated and in the dark days - it's been very lovingly appreciated: Mel, Dan, Anna, Khali, Liz, Nik and Chris, Shay and Courto and Ross, Jan, Caro and Dearest!!! And the support and company from afar, so thankyou to Bobby and Erin also. xo


Kakka said...

So glad to hear you are safe and well. My heart has been bleeding for all those who live in Qld. I imagine it will take time for your State to heal, a long time. But to know you are okay brings a little sunshine to my day. Hugs from Perth xxx

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Phew, so happy you're okay. Our floods in Newcastle seem so small compared to what you're experiencing, but the lack of power (I think we went for a week) and just the surreal nature of seeing what nature can throw at you takes it out of you. Thinking of you xx

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