Monday, January 17, 2011

Peace Project

"In Gregg Braden’s book called Spontaneous Healing of Belief, he talks about an experiment that was conducted in a war-torn geographical area between Lebanon and Israel that began in 1982. The selected people were trained using Transcendental Meditation to feel peace in their bodies. This was based off the belief that peace already existed within them and that they could access it at any time using this particular meditation practice. At appointed times, on specific days of the month, these people were positioned throughout war-torn areas of the Middle East. What is so amazing is that during the times that they felt peace in their bodies, the number of crimes decreased, incidents of traffic accidents dropped, the number of emergency-room visits declined, and terrorist activities ceased.

The study confirmed that when a percentage of the population achieve peace, it was reflected in the world around them. The experiment took into account holidays, days of the week, and even lunar cycles; the data was so consistent that the researchers were able to identify how many people in the world are needed to feel peace within so that it is reflected on earth. The number is the square root of one percent of the population. The study became known as the International Peace Project in the Middle East, and the result were published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988."

Written by my wonderful friend Tamika at Holistic Wellness Coaching.


Anita said...

That is amazing that the conclusion was such a perfect number (the square root of one percent of the population.) Science is surely no coincidence. ;)

Rianna said...

I agree Anita!! I loved that conclusive number as well - science foiled again! I disagree heartily with the humanists that evrything can be explained with science - the human soul can't be explained that way, and this Peace Project is one of the confirmations of that. xo

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